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Keeping your dog cool

As a owner or trainer for dogs, safety should be top on the list. As a Texas trainer and Breeder the summer months can be more difficult on a dog than the cold duck hunting season. The temperatures here get well over 100 for majority of the day and sometimes we have to get creative to keep our dogs cool.

Obviously the first option would be in a closed in area with ac, but if that isn’t an option for you here are some different ideas to help. A misting system in your kennels can help cool down easily, it’s not very expensive to hook the system up and just make sure you have a timer as well. Another cool idea is having those little kiddy pools in each kennel for your dogs to get in but here is the idea to help keep that water colder, freeze milk jugs, water bottles, any plastic container you can fill up and freeze and stick them in the pools and when they defrost just switch them out. Very cheap way to keep them cool and the dogs like playing with the bottles while they’re in the pool. Same idea but for the dogs water bowl, you can just put a frozen water bottle in the water bowl and it will help keep their water cold. These are just a couple ideas to help get your dog through those 100 degrees days.

Also as a reminder please don’t work your dogs in the heat, I know you still need to keep your dog in tip top shape so try to work them early in the morning or wait until it’s almost dark. Iv actually had to hook up lights a couple of times and get in some short retrieves and work on obedience, just simple stuff.

Thank you for the read, if anyone has any other ideas please message me I would love to hear your input on the subject.

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